• Professor of Radiology at Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University-Egypt
  • Head of Radiology Department-Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University, Egypt
  • Member of the Egyptian Mummy Project (Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities)
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of Scenario of Exhibitions at NMEC (National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization)-Cairo-Egypt
  • Invited Visiting Professor, Faculty of Archaeology, University of Tennessee, USA; University of Western Ontario, Canada


  • Bachelor of Medicine (MBBCh): Cairo University-Egypt
  • Master of Science (MSc) Radio-diagnosis: Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University
  • Medical Doctorate (MD) in Radio-diagnosis: Faculty of Medicine-Cairo University
  • Fellowship of Neuroradiology: University of Western Ontario-London (ON)-Canada
  • Fellowship of Education & Research: University of Western Ontario-Canada


University of Western Ontario-London (ON)-Canada


Books & Books Chapters 

Scanning the Pharaohs


  • Winner of PROSE Award: 'The Best Popular Science Book' in 2017 & CHOICE Award: 'Outstanding Academic Title for 2016
  •  AUC Press 2016


New Techniques

Chapter in a book

Fetal Cardiac Magnetic Resonance (CMR)

In Tech 2012

Pharaoh: art and power in ancient Egypt 

Chapter in a book

Royal mummification during the New Kingdom

The Trustees of the British Museum 2024


Radiology Education:

The evaluation and assessment of clinical competence.        

Chapter in a Book

Measuring Competence of Radiology Education Programs & residents: The Egyptian Experience

Springer 2012

Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt 

Proceedings of 3rd International Conference (Barcelona, 2018)

Chapter in a book

Egyptian Medical Civilization from Dawn of History to Kasr Al Ainy School 

 Archaeopress, 2021.

MRI of Fetal & Maternal Diseases in Pregnancy

Chapter in a book

How to read and to report a fetal MRI

Springer 2016 

Guardian of Ancient Egypt

Studies in honour of Z Hawass

Chapter in a book

A child Mummy in a pot: CT Study &  insights on child burials in Ancient Egypt 

Charles University Prague 2020 

The Royal Mummies Catalogue-NMEC

Chapters in a book

Chapter 2: Mummification

Chapter 3: Radiological Examination

Chapter 4: Catalogue of Kings

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities- 2021

Radiology Education:

The scholarship of teaching and learning

Chapter in a Book

Radiology Education in the Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University

Springer 2008

Advances in Paleoimaging

 Applications for paleoanthropology, Bioarchaeology, Forensics, and cultural artefacts

Chapter in a book

Development of Study Strategies (interpretation) 

CRC 2020

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