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The Screaming Woman Mummy 

from burial of relatives of Senmut (The architect of Queen Hatschepsut 1479-1458 BC) 

June 2024

'Australia's Egyptian Mystery', 

A documentary about Egyptian treasures outside Egypt.

Premiere will air on ABC TV Australia on Monday the 24th of June, 2024 at 8pm 

 With Marc Fennell


With Marc Fennel and crew at Cairo Egyptian Museum

Royal Mummies' Parade

April, 2021

One thousand nights and night, was the time needed to prepare the mummies of 22 great Kings of Egypt to move to their new residency at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization Museum (NMEC). I had the great honor to be a member of the Scientific Committee of Exhibition of NMEC who fulfilled this task. I did the CT scans of all the 22 mummies that guided the process of conservation and preparation of the bodies of the great Kings of Egypt.  I placed the CT scans beside each King and participated in writing the NMEC's Catalogue of the Royal Mummies.


The Scientific Committee of Exhibitions at NMEC

with King Amenhotep I

Displaying CT images beside King Seqenenre Taa II

Designing the showcase of Medicine in Ancient Egypt