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Preparations for The Royal Parade

Dec 18, 2020

One thousand nights and night, was the time needed to prepare the mummies of 22 great Kings of Egypt to move to their new residency at the Civilization Museum. I had the great honor to be a member of this team. I did the CT scans of all the 22 mummies that guided the process of conservation and preparation of the bodies of the great Kings of Egypt 


CT scanning Mummy
CT scanning Mummy

Dec 2019 featured Sahar Saleem's lecture-tour in North America: 8 lectures in 7 cities


1. Chicago, IL on  3 Dec 2019. Image the Past, See the Future. At McCormick Place RSNA conference. 10.30 am

2. Bridgeport, CT on 8 Dec 2019. A life of a woman from Ancient Egypt. Barney Museum 

3. Cumberland, MD on 9 Dec 2019. Scanning the Pharaohs. University. At 7 pm

4. Annapolis, MD 10 Dec 2019. Medicine at the time of the PharaohsMaryland Government building. At 7 pm

5. Washington, DC 11 Dec 2019. Image the past, see the future. Egyptian Embassy. At 11 am

6. Washington, DC 11 Dec 2019. Medicine at the Times of the Pharaohs.Egyptian Embassy at 6 pm


7. Ottawa-Canada 12 Dec 2019. Scanning the Pharaohs. At the Resource centre,Canadian Museum of History, 6 pm

8. Montreal Canada 13 Dec 2019. Scanning the Pharaohs. At the Egyptian Cultural Office in Montreal At 6 pm

RSNA 2019 Chicago, IL

3 Dec 2019

Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, CT

8 Dec 2019

Egyptian Embassy-Washington (DC)
Egyptian Embassy-Washington (DC)