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  1. Harem Conspiracy Francois (France 2024
  2. 'The Mummies in Egypt-(France)- TV Channel 5 (Zed Production) 2024
  3. Stuff The British Stole Documentary Series. Part 2. Episode Australia's Egyptian Mystery. Host Marc Fennel. ABC TV Australia. 24th of June 2024
  4. 'Cleopatra: Her Real Story'. Woodside Film (Italy) 2023
  5. 'Secrets of Giza'. Woodside Film (Italy) 2023
  6. 'Tutankhamun, the boy king who disappeared into the darkness of history'. TV Tokyo 2023 [日字]歴史探偵「ツタンカーメン 歴史の闇に消えた少年王」
  7. 'Voices of the Dead'. Bettany Hughes (UK), 2022
  8. 'The Daughters of Tutankhamun'. Woodside Film (Italy) 2022
  9. 'Tutankhamun Allies and Enemies'. PBS (USA) 2022
  10. 'Champollion'. Program Roots and Wings. France Channel 3. 2022
  11. Encyclopedia of the 7 new world wonders ・世界七不思議百科. TV Tokyo, Dec 2022
  12. The Ultimate Treasure Cutdown: Seti I. Bettany Hughes. National Geographic 2021
  14. The Ultimate Treasure Cutdown: Hawk mummy. Bettany Hughes. National Geographic 2021
  15. 'The Screaming Mummy'. NHK Japan 2021
  16. Saqqara Necropolis. Francois (France). 2021
  18. "Kingdom of the Mummies'. 4 Episodes: 1-4. National Geographic 2020
  19. 'The Diagnosis of the Pharaoh' ファラオの診断書 NHK (Japan) 2020


  • 'House of Skull's. With Marc Fennel (Australia) 2023

  • Uncovering an ancient Mummy History. Science Friday (USA)- 19 Feb 2021.
  • Harem Conspiracy Papyrus. National Geographic 2019

Egyptian TV documentary series: Om el Donia 2023

1.-King Seqenenre

2. Harem Conspiracy: Assassination of king Ramesses III

3. Tutankhamun

4. Prehistoric Egypt

5. Medicine in ancient Egypt

Part 1; Episode 2

1. Digital Unwrapping of King Amenhotep I

Scientific article published in Frontiers in Medicine December 2021

Full Article @:

 Chosen as #1  Top 10 Archaeological Discoveries of the World in 2022 by the Archaeological Institute of America

اختيار بحثي فك اللفائف عن مومياء الملك امنحتب الأول بالأشعة المقطعية على غلاف مجلة الآثار التابعة لمعهد الآثار الامريكي كأفضل اكتشاف اثري في العالم لعام ٢٠٢٢
My research on digital unwrapping of the Mummy of King Amenhotep I by CT scan is on the cover of the Journal of Archaeology Magazine (by the Archaeological Institute of America) as the to of the Top 10 archaeological discoveries in the world for the year 2022

Digital Unwrapping King Amenhotep I: International media

TV Talk Show: With Mona ElShazly  

Dec1, 2022

TV Talk Show: With Mona ElShazly

Feb, 2021

Om El Donia: Egyptian Documentary

King Seqenenre violent Death

وثائقية آم الدنيا

اغتيال الملك سقنن رع

Om El Donia: Egyptian Documentary

Harem Conspiracy: Assassination of King Ramesses III

وثائقية آم الدنيا

امؤامرة الحريم: اغتيال الملك رمسيس الثالث

Om El Donia: Egyptian Documentary


وثائقية آم الدنيا

توت عنخ امون

Om El Donia: Egyptian Documentary

Pre-historic Egypt

وثائقية آم الدنيا

مصر ما قبل التاريخ

 Beauty secrets of Seti I's mummy

National Geographic (Sept 2020)

In my studies, I discovered the secret behind the beauty of the mummy of Seti I. The CT scans showed that the embalmers placed 'fillers' underneath the skin of the mummy's face around the nose-mouth, cheeks, and in the temporal region. A process similar to modern plastic procedures and also in the same regions targeted nowadays!

Interviewed by Bettany Hughes
Interviewed by Bettany Hughes
3D CT image of the head of Seti I shows the fillers the embalmers placed underneath the skin to look live
3D CT image of the head of Seti I shows the fillers the embalmers placed underneath the skin to look live

Unknown Royal Mummies

Japanese NHK July 2020

In March 2020, the Japanese TV channel documented the event of CT scanning of two royal mummies of unsettled identities: Unknown Woman A (The Screaming Woman) possibly Princess Meritamun daughter of Seqenenre The Brave (17th Dynasty) and 

Unknown Woman D possibly Queen Twosret (19th Dynasty)

Discussing the CT scan findings of Unknown Woman D mummy
Discussing the CT scan findings of Unknown Woman D mummy
Unknown Woman A mummy (Meritamun) The Screaming Woman Mummy
Unknown Woman A mummy (Meritamun) The Screaming Woman Mummy

Kingdom Of The Mummies

National Geographic May 2020

 After the discovery of the Saqqara mummification workshop and the associated tombs in July 2018, the National Geographic TV network has accelerated the preparation of a project to produce a series of four documentary films about it. I had the honor to be part of the team. Where I radiated mummies inside a beer 30 meters underground. With a lot of challenges as well as a CT scan of the discovered pots. 

Over the course of sixty days, National Geographic cameras followed us to convey a realistic picture of the excavation work: How do we plan and deal with the discovery before, during and after its completion, how do we document it and collect data, how do the branches of the natural and human sciences collaborate to analyze this data to arrive at a coherent and explaining knowledge of the Egyptian civilization, with what technologies we use In our search for knowledge, and other things that can be pursued in these four documentaries. 

The documentary was translated to 43 languages and showed globally in 142 countries.

Interview at Barnum Museum Bridgeport-CT USA

The link to the interview with Sahar Saleem at Barnum Museum-CT-USA on December 8th, 2019

Who wants to be a Paleo-radiologist?              My plenary lecture at Chicago (IL) USA 

Dec 3rd, 2019

For the full interview:

Documentaries and media

Nat Geo explorer for
Queens of Egypt Exhibition-2019:

National Geographic Museum-Washington-DC- USA

from 15 June-15 Sept 2019

Documentary videos for Nat Geo explorers: Sahar Saleem, with: Jay Silverstein, Maria Nilsson

During the interview at National Geographic Museum-Washington (DC) on Dec 2ns, 2018 with my hosts: Kathryn Keane, Fred Hiebert. The interview started at 10 Am till 2 Pm. It actually continued later to 2 Pm while having lunch!

Display of Videos at the exhibition of 'Queens of Ancient Egypt'

Display of videos at the exhibition of 'Queens of ancient Egypt' 

A 'Thank you Sahar' video specially produced for me from Nat Geo including a tour at 'Queens of Egypt' Exhibition. 

'Thank you Sahar'. A note in Hieroglyphic letters from Nat Geo (Aug 11, 2019)

'Harem Conspiracy'

National Geographic Podcast-July 2019 

Search for the Screaming Mummy: 

Could technology solve 3000 year-old mystery?

NBC Today Documentary 

Sahar Saleem, Zahi Hawass

6 June 2017

watch the video on NBC 


Wired Magazine


Scanning Mummies - What Has Modern Technology Revealed About the Family of Tutankhamun?


30 OCTOBER, 2016 - 13:44 

Journal interviews

ST Mary's College of Maryland

14 Nov 2018

Mummy Expert Sahar Saleem, University of Cairo, to Discuss Ramesses III The Last Great Pharaoh


29 April 2016

Rewriting history: CT diagnoses ancient cold case