Nebamun, a scribe and grain counter who lived in Egypt more than 3000 years ago (C. 1350 BC). Although he was just a middle ranking clerk, he managed to build for himself and his family a tomb with the most amazing paintings ever seen. Pieces of Nebamun tomb are displayed at the British Museum and are considered one of the museum's masterpieces!

Nebamun Tomb discovery or robbery???

In 1820, Giovanni Yanni d'Athanasi, discovered Nebamun tomb during his illegal excavations in Luxor. The Greek Giovanni was the agent of Henry Salt, the British Consul General in Egypt. At the time when Egypt was occupied by foreigners, many artefacts and treasures were looted. Thieves included  diplomats such as Henry Salt!

Giovanni and his gang, literally hacked out the walls of the tombs into pieces. They used knives, saws, and crowbars! Salt sold these works to the British Museum in 1821. Few pieces were located in Berlin. 

Giovanni died shortly in poverty but he never revealed the location of Nebamun tomb!

Nebamun Paintings

The tomb's plastered walls were richly and skilfully decorated with lively fresco paintings, showing Nebamun's life and activities with his family and cat!. 

Paintings include: 

Nebamun hunting in the marshes , 

Dancing girls at a banquet, 

A pond in a garden

Nebamun tomb exhibition at the British Museum 

In 2009 the British Museum opened the gallery that contains eleven wall fragments from Nebamun tomb, chapel, and statue. 

Nebamun tomb paintings have been described as the greatest paintings from ancient Egypt to have survived, and as one of the Museum's greatest treasures

My visit to Nebamun Exhibition

in March 2019, I visited this marvellous exhibition and had the opportunity to capture its contents on my Facebook Page. Click here 

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