Amenhotep I


King Amenhotep I (Reign: 1525-1504 BC)

Belonged to the 18th Dynasty. He is the son and successor of Ahmose and his mother is Ahmose Nefertari.

Aemnhotep I reigned about 20 years (1525-1504 BC) he completed great constructions in upper Egypt like at Karnak Temple. His successor was Thutmose I.

The mummy of Amenhotep I was found at Deir el Bahri royal Cache in 1881. The mummy was hidden there by the 22nd dynasty priests to protect from tomb thieves.

The priests did well, because we can see now at Cairo Egyptian museum the beautiful sarcophagus of King Amenhotep I covered with dried flowers. Inside the sarcophagus is the mummy of the king. The sarcophagus was X-rayed in 1960s